News - Academic

Tuesday, December 13

Sixth Grade Students Complete Exams at PEDMAS Hospital

Sixth graders completed difficult examinations at PEDMAS Hospital recently. Implementing their Order of Operations skills in the operating room was challenging.

Tuesday, November 8

A Special Election Occurs in Pre-K4

It's Election Day! Pre-K4 students in Mrs. Padencov's class take part in their own unique voting opportunity.

Monday, November 7

The Nation's Report Card Shows Catholic Schools Excelling Post-Pandemic

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), a biennial report of the U.S. Department of Education, notes Catholic schools outperforming public school counterparts in almost all categories.

Tuesday, November 9

Pre-K2 Students Learn about Fall

Students in our 2-year-old class discover the wonders of fall with Mrs. Julie's help.

Tuesday, March 17

Kindergartners quickly adapt to distance learning

Miss Eckstein's kindergarten class embraces distance learning with the help of their awesome parents.

Wednesday, October 16

Third Grade Students are Muralists for a Day

Student are inspired to create a mural after reading about a famous American muralist, Judy Baca.

Saturday, October 5

Second Graders Create Recycled Communities

Second grade students build urban, suburban, or rural communities from recycled materials.

Monday, September 23

First Grade Scientists Make Predictions

Teaching students about prediction-making is a great age-appropriate introduction to creating a hypothesis.

Wednesday, June 12

Third Graders Enjoy Visit from Author and Illustrator

​Third grade students in Mrs. Winter’s class recently had the opportunity to enjoy a reading of How Grace Became Amazing and Saving Grace by author, Sandy Reckert-Reusing, and illustrator, Cynthia Ramirez Herrick.

Thursday, September 27

Kindergarten: Easy as Applesauce!

Monsignor Slade kindergarten students learned about Johnny Appleseed and apples this week. They even made their own applesauce!