Tuition is defined as a fee for instruction at a formal institution of learning. The Latin root word of tuition is tueri, which means to protect. Many families choose to make a financial investment in Catholic education for this very reason - to protect and shape their child's future. Today's Catholic schools understand the importance of educating students for 21st century challenges and opportunities, building a foundation of faith, knowledge and skills upon which to shape a positive future.

Monsignor Slade's Catholic School competitive tuition rates are below, followed by information on how our school works to make Catholic education affordable and accessible for all families who seek it. We encourage you to investigate the opportunities for scholarships or tuition assistance also listed below.

Registration for the 2019-2020 school year began on January 28, 2019.

Pre-K4 (Full Day) through 8th Grade

1 Child2 Children3 Children
Full day (Catholic)$7,712$14,813$21,760
Full day (other faith)$8,552$16,491$24,278
Extended Care$395/month per child

Preschool Program

Half Day Pre-K4 (8–11:30am, M–F)$3,894
Full Day Pre-K3 (M–F) including before and after care$8,962
Half Day Pre-K3 (8–11:30am, M, W, F)$3,373
Full Day Pre-K2 (M–F) including before and after care$10,120
Half Day Pre-K2 (8–11:30am, T, Th)$3,071