Faculty & Staff

It's the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Mrs. Alexa Cox Principal a.cox@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Lisa Slaton Assistant Principal l.slaton@msladeschool.com


Ms. Natalie Howland 4-year-old Preschool  n.howland@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Edna Trentalance 4-year-old Preschool e.trentalance@msladeschool.com
Ms. Megan Nappi Kindergarten m.nappi@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Denise Noteware Kindergarten d.noteware@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Mary Ward Kindergarten m.ward@msladeschool.com
Mrs Patricia Brett 1st Grade p.brett@msladeschool.com
Ms. Lori Fertetta 1st Grade l.fertetta@@msladeschool.com
Mrs.Lisa Benitez 2nd Grade l.benitez@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Ashley Stegeman 2nd Grade a.stegeman@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Darlene Coughlin 3rd Grade d.coughlin@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Beverly Winter 3rd Grade b.winter@msladeschool.com
Mrs.Victoria Fuecker 4th Grade v.fuecker@msladeschool.com
Mr. Royce Jeffrey 4th Grade r.jeffrey@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Regina Herbert 5th Grade r.herbert@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Sally Miller 5th Grade s.miller@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Laura Briggs 6th Grade l.briggs@msladeschool.com
Ms. Teresa Byrnes 6th Grade t.byrnes@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Lisa Urbas 6th Grade l.Urbas@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Elizabeth Hrybyk 7th Grade e.hrybyk@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Rosa Kestler 7th & 8th Grade r.kestler@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Cheryl Lemanski 7th Grade c.lemanski@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Ann Truffer 7th & 8th Grade a.truffer@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Danielle Holiday 8th Grade d.holiday@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Sharon Rafferty 8th Grade s.rafferty@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Stephanie Bennie Music s.bennie@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Dorothy D'Anna Art d.danna@msladeschool.com
Mr. Mick Galuski Physical Education m.galuski@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Laura Lodowski Media Specialist/Librarian l.lodowski@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Rebecca Bene Spanish, 3rd-5th Grade r.bene@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Dory Mondor Spanish, 6th–8th Grade d.mondor@msladeschool.com
Mrs.Cathy NehringTechnology, PK4-5th Grade  c.nehring@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Lisa SlatonTechnology, 6th-8th Grade l.slaton@msladeschool.com
Mr. Wes Osment Band sladeband@comcast.net
Mrs. Loretta Federline Pre-K4–3rd Grade/Reading Resource Teacher  l.federline@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Barbara Bryant  Resource, 4th–8th Grade   b.bryant@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Helen Wyrwas Guidance h.wyrwas@msladeschool.com

Support Staff

Mrs. Robin Datz Administrative Assistant r.datz@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Eileen Delaney Assistant to Preschool/Extended Care Director e.delaney@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Debbie Gielner Preschool and Extended Care Director d.gielner@msladeschool.com
Ms. Diana Glenn Business Manager d.glenn@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Carrie Hilmer Advancement Director c.hilmer@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Charlotte Kamauf Technology Coordinator
Mrs. Stacey Kripas Registrar s.kripas@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Susan McDonald School Nurse/Registered Nurse s.mcdonald@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Lisa Palazzo Receptionist/Communications Coodinator l.palazzo@msladeschool.com
Mr. Lee Schwarzenberg Maintenance l.schwarzenberg@msladeschool.com
Mrs. Kathie Sullivan Support Programs Coordinator k.sullivan@msladeschool.com