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Monday, June 8

Morning Message: June 8

Miracles were unexpected actions that gave people what they needed and showed that Jesus had special powers. They were always a response to human needs.

Friday, June 5

Weekly Update for June 5, 2020

Friday, June 5

Morning Message: June 5

Today's story shows the Apostles ability to continue the work of Jesus, helping the poor and needy, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thursday, June 4

Morning Message: June 4

We should be encouraged to pray. We won’t fully understand the mystery of prayer in this life, but we know that the Lord commands us to pray.

Wednesday, June 3

Morning Message: June 3

St. Paul wrote many letters to the early Christian communities. He wanted to help them understand how Jesus revealed God’s love and unites us to God through his Holy Spirit.

Tuesday, June 2

Morning Message: June 2

Today’s reading is from a letter that St. Paul wrote to early Christians. He tells them of the wonderful qualities we experience when we follow Jesus’ commandment to love one another. St. Paul calls these qualities the “fruit of the Spirit.”

Monday, June 1

Slade Student Awarded 2020 Knott Scholarship

Fourth graders at Monsignor Slade have been names Knott Scholars two years in a row!

Monday, June 1

Morning Message: June 1

On Pentecost, the disciples of Jesus received the power of the Spirit, which empowered them to go out and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Friday, May 29

Weekly Update for 5-29-20

Friday, May 29

Morning Message: May 29

Did you know that we can have a power within us that will guide us in our life?