Alert Masking is mandatory this week, December 5 - December 11, 2021.

Students Count Down to Summer with Field Day Fun

Third and fourth grade students enjoyed counting down to summer vacation with a fun field day!  Despite the hot temperatures and high humidity, the students had fun at 12 stations designed to test their teamwork abilities, agility, fitness, endurance, and competitive spirits!

Ping-pong ball races, hula hoop games, tug-of-war, kickball, and 'Capture the Flag' were all included in rotation.  Other games like shoeless footraces, frisbie throws, and even 'Red Light, Green Light' rounded out the morning of activities.

The favorite stations of the day had to be:

  • Frisbie Water Relay
  • 'Drip, Drip, Drop' which is like another familiar childhood game, but allows the person choosing to cool-off their group-mates with a little (or a lot) of water.
  • Indoor Scooter Races

This fun day of play would not have been possible without some amazing parent volunteers!  Thank you for being the troupers you are!  The school community was even very lucky to count a few alumni among today's volunteers.  We are so glad to have you back on campus!

We appreciate the efforts of our faculty members, instructional aides, and field day volunteers, including:

Mr. MenserMrs. WinterMrs. Ogilvie
Mrs. FueckerMiss MannionMrs. Horner
Mrs. AlbaneseMr. BannaMrs. Boehmer
Mr. ColonMr. EdwardsMrs. Garcia
Mrs. GermershausenMrs. GoverMr. Heymann
Mr. KremerMrs. LeeMrs. Maikranz
Mrs. MorganMrs. MyrickMrs. Overstreet
Mrs. PellomMrs. RandellMr. Rinius
Mrs. RoskoMr. ScuttMrs. Staiti
Mrs. TothMrs. Van BergenMrs. Zazarino