Slade Students Perform Well in Catholic Math League

Monsignor Slade Catholic School participates in the Catholic Math League. This national math competition began in 1997 to develop the test taking skills of participating students to support them as they take achievement tests and college entrance exams.

Students in third through eighth grades participated in math contests appropriate for their grade level through Algebra I. The contest consisted of four tests for each level in which three or more individuals took all four tests. Monsignor Slade students placed well in each grade level.  The three top scoring students at each grade level were recognized at our morning prayer service. Congratulations on your achievement!

3rd Grade
     1st Place: Kara Mehta
     2nd Place: Josue Munoz
     3rd Place: Lily Nguyen
4th Grade
     1st Place: Miriam Toth-Fejel
     2nd Place: Hayden Vess
     3rd Place (tie): Ryan MacLean & Thomas Staiti
5th Grade
     1st Place: Paige Gerwig
     2nd Place: Cole Duffey
     3rd Place: Kaitlyn Moon
6th Grade
     1st Place: Abigail Conlon
     2nd Place: Rachel Wilson
     3rd Place: Madison Schneider
7th Grade:
     1st Place: Colby Rich
     2nd Place: Matthew Lenzenweger
     3rd Place: Claire Bushar
8th Grade:
     1st Place: Andrew Ciresi
     2nd Place: Adam Kripas
     3rd Place: Katarynna Pizarro
     Algebra I:
     1st Place: Zachery Chun
     2nd Place: Alyssa Dougherty
     3rd Place: Conor Smith

A Monsignor Slade student in the 3rd grade division placed impressively well, finishing 4th among all 3rd grade competitors.  Congratulations to Kara Mehta!

All of our students worked hard and placed well on these rigorous tests throughout the year.  We are proud of your efforts and hope you continue to hone your mathematical prowess.
More information, scores and Monsignor Slade’s overall standings in each grade level can be found at