Monsignor Slade Fourth Grade Student Named Knott Scholar

Monsignor Slade Catholic School is pleased to announce that Miriam Toth-Fejel, a fourth grade student, has been named a Knott Scholar.  Academically talented Catholic students who wish to continue their education in an Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic school can apply for four-year, full-tuition scholarships awarded by the Knott Scholarship Fund.  Applicants must meet strict criteria which includes scores in the 94th percentile or above in Total Reading, Language, and Total Mathematics on a nationally standardized test and must receive an A or A+ in all major subjects.  Miriam was selected from hundreds of applicants including her own classmates, statewide.

At the recent Knott Scholars pinning ceremony, Miriam felt very grateful and blessed to be one of 7 elementary school students chosen from applicants at 45 schools.  As she listened to Martin Knott speak about his father Henry J. Knott, she learned that he attended daily Mass and that Catholic education as important to him.  She said, “While I listened, I thought it was kind of generous of Mr. Knott to create a scholarship fund for future generations of Catholic students.” Miriam’s mother, Teresa Toth-Fejel said, “Intellectually, I realize this wonderful opportunity is a gift from the Knott family; however, emotionally, I feel like it is a gift from God.”

Miriam will continue her education at Monsignor Slade over the next four years due to Mr. Knott’s generosity. “I feel privileged to attend my Catholic school; I appreciate the opportunity to learn about my faith and be instructed by caring teachers in a respectful environment.” Miriam’s father, Tihamer Toth-Fejel added, “We may have given Miriam her foundation, and her teachers taught her well, but the effort was all hers. We are so happy and proud of our daughter’s accomplishment so early in life.”

In fourth grade, Miriam most enjoys her science and language arts classes. “I like science because I enjoy learning how things work and how processes occur within the world [our planet]. I also enjoy researching scientists and learning about their accomplishments.” Miriam also credits her mother and teachers for her interest in language arts. “My mom is an editor.  Using proper grammar is very important to me; I am glad we are taught grammar at Monsignor Slade. I also enjoy creative writing and the chance to imagine alternate worlds and places,” she said.

Miriam hopes to be a scientist in the future.  She is interested in learning more about chemistry and marine biology. Miriam exclaimed, “It would be exciting to have opportunities to experiment and make future discoveries as a scientist!” 

About Monsignor Slade Catholic School
Monsignor Slade Catholic School is a private elementary school for Pre-K2 through 8th grade students. The mission of Monsignor Slade Catholic School is to promote Catholic faith and intellectual development in our students. We do this by teaching about and modeling the precepts of the Catholic faith, as well as challenging our students with a rigorous course of study. We do this so that they will use their faith, knowledge, and skills to shape their futures positively and work for the benefit of the whole society.