5 Out of 5 Primary Students Agree: Field Day is the Best Way to Start a Week!

From 'Simon Says' to volleyball and all-time favorite stations, Tug-of-War and Drip, Drip, Drop, the primary grades enjoyed amazing weather for Field Day this year.

Mr. Bouchard planned a day full of fun and competitive activities that tested students' hand-eye coordination, ability to follow directions, teamwork skills, strength, and sportsmanship.

Some creative new events included "Human Bowling" and "Human Curling".  All students enjoyed the bean-bag toss station and a game similar to "Mother, May I?" called "What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?"

At the cooling station, teams could play Spike Ball or KanJam, dance to some familiar songs, or enjoy a popsicle or ice cream sandwich.

Classrooms were likely quiet this afternoon, and hopefully, every participant sleeps soundly tonight!