2023 Teacher of the Year Announced During Celebration of Catholic Schools Mass

Catholic Schools Week is a national celebration of Catholic education and an opportunity to recognize the importance, the value, and the contributions of Catholic educators to the Church and the world.

During Catholic Schools Week, the Department of Catholic Schools honors and celebrates teachers across the Archdiocese for their dedicated service to their students, schools, and communities.

It is always my pleasure during our Catholic Schools Mass to announce which of our talented teachers is named as the Monsignor Slade Catholic School Teacher of the Year. Whiie we should honor and celebrate our teachers each day, the "Teacher of the Year" is a special award that can be given to only one of our amazing teachers.

After receiving many statements as to why many of our teachers would make outstanding candidates for Monsignor Slade's Teacher of the Year, this year, one name in particular stood out for her dedication, innovation, and level of contribution to the school's students and faculty.

This teacher has taught at Slade for more than 15 years.  She truly is an example of what it means to embody the mission of Catholic Schools.  She is humble and unassuming and is a model of Christ-like behavior.  This teacher's classroom and lessons reflect current educational trends. She is positive, dedicated, and nurturing to her students.  It is not unusual to see this teacher at student sporting events, at fundraisers, and volunteering within the school.  She is an asset to the Slade community.

With great honor, Mrs. Cox announced Monsignor Slade Catholic School's 2023 Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Cheryl Lemanski.